Welcome to my blog!

To start off, I just wanted to introduce myself to all the readers following my journey as an intern for Western Heads East.

My convocation ceremony in June 2019 for Ontario Tech University’s Faculty of Health Science, where I received my Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc) in Human Health.

I graduated last year from Ontario Tech University with my BHSc, after which I was a little unsure about my future. As my friends and I gathered to take pictures the afternoon of our convocation ceremony, our only recurring thought was “What is next?”. I knew I was interested in social and health issues, so I decided to attend the 24th session of The Youth Assembly at George Washington University. As you can guess, the conference reaffirmed what I wanted to do and I am now pursuing my Masters degree in Global Health Systems in Africa (GHS-A) at Western University. While originally my class cohort was to travel to Uganda this summer to complete our summer practicums in person, COVID-19 had other plans in store for us.

The 24th session of The Youth Assembly in Washington, D.C. hosted by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation. This conference focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), guided by the theme “New Horizons for Global Youth”.

I am currently working remotely as a Western Heads East (WHE) intern on projects with Mikono Yetu and Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) to economically empower local females through the establishment of Fiti probiotic yoghurt social enterprises in Tanzania. Women empowerment and food insecurity are core passions of mine, as I have spent the past 5 years being heavily involved with an international women’s fraternity, Alpha Gamma Delta, whose philanthropic focus is fighting hunger. The projects I will be working on will allow me to draw from my skills while being points of interest for me.

The hands-on experience I will receive this summer will be invaluable in establishing myself as a global health professional in the future. While the next steps in my journey following the completion of this internship are still unclear, I hope you all will follow along as I learn and grow through this experience!

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