A Day in the Life (COVID-19 edition)

With COVID-19 setting restrictions on daily activities and people being confined to stay at home as a result, I have heard of many people fearing for the monotonous days to come while at home. While I have experienced this to an extent, some days remain unpredictable, especially concerning tasks I have to complete for my remote internship. Here’s an example of one of these days:

This day in particular I woke up to the blaring sound of the alarm on my iPhone as I prepared to get ready for an online presentation that my peers and I would be presenting to some students at the St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT). After having a bowl of some vectors cereal with some almond milk, I quickly made my way down to my family room to set up my laptop for the day.

Recorded an online presentation on zoom, presented by myself (Gurleen Saini), Dora Parkinson and Jasmine Wen (as seen from top to bottom at the top right).

Due to some technological problems that our partners and some students at SAUT were facing in accessing the webinar, myself and my team decided to meet afterwards to record the presentation as well to send out to all those that were unable to attend. Dora, Jasmine and I also had our weekly debrief meeting as a team to work on some documents we had to send out to the SAUT students and decide on what tasks we wanted to complete ourselves for the coming week. We had a productive meeting and were also able to draft a blog post article that we have sent to the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) to publish! After concluding our meeting, I finally headed off to my kitchen to greet my grandmother for the day and make some lunch for my family and I.

Homemade burrito bowl consisting of a layer of brown rice, followed by shredded lettuce, and topped with panko-crusted chicken breasts that were air fried and chopped into strips, shredded cheese, a mix of different beans, red peppers, corn, salsa, and sour cream.

After over an hour of cooking and making burrito bowls for the family, I finally took some time for myself to have my late lunch as I continued to binge some “Money Heist” on Netflix. Following this, I browsed through my social media, answered some emails, and decided to work-out (I have been following the free workout programs offered by Chloe Ting). After a quick shower and some skincare, I FaceTimed my cousins and was back in the kitchen to use my leftovers from lunch to whip up an early dinner for everyone as I responded to some messages on WhatsApp from either my Tanzania partners or my Western Heads East (WHE) team.

I usually end off the day with some tasks of other activities I am a part of, such as chatting with people from my Masters program about a website we are in the process of creating content for, communicating with some undergraduate Research Assistants (RAs) who are helping me to create a manuscript on the link between meditation and loneliness, or working on my WHE reflections/blog posts!

So there you have it; here is a typical day in the life of Gurleen Saini, more or less.

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