More about the Partners Behind my Internship

As a intern working through Western Heads East (WHE), there are an array of African partners I could have worked with, ranging from locations in Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. This summer I am working with two partners based in Mwanza, Tanzania: (1) Mikono Yetu and (2) the St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT).

  1. The Mikono Yetu Centre for Creativity and Innovation is one of 50 Fiti kitchen locations in Mwanza, Tanzania, acting as an overarching body for the other kitchens. Myself, Dora and Jasmine (my peers) work with a wonderful woman named Maimuna, along with Saad Simba, who is the marketing assistant appointed by Mikono Yetu in Tanzania and Paul Senni, who is helping with the creation of a digital kitchen mapping and data collection app for use by kitchens. Tasks that we have been working on with them includes creating a marketing plan and a start-up package that can be disseminated to each individual kitchen location.
The Mikono Yetu logo used to represent the kitchen.

2. SAUT is a private university and the university partner of WHE in
Tanzania. SAUT first opened in 2016 and has its own yoghurt kitchen to
promote probiotic health benefits to the school community, with daily
producing having commenced in January 2017. The kitchen follows the
Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) rules and regulations, while
producing both flavoured and non-flavoured yoghurt products. We have
been working with Delphine Kessy at SAUT, along with student leaders,
such as Dennis, Dorop and Neema, to create educational tools for the
SAUT student association members. Other tasks we have been working
on include the creation of a leadership manual, business plan, and an
updated book-keeping spreadsheet for the Yoghurt Mamas to use for
their finances.

The logo that is used to represent SAUT.

While we have much to do still before our internship officially concludes, the process thus far has been eye-opening and gratifying, especially during COVID-19 and having to work remotely. The various people we have worked with from Tanzania and continue to work with have all been supportive and collaborative. I cannot wait to see what we will face in the coming weeks!

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