And it’s a Wrap!

I have officially wrapped up my international (remote) summer practicum. While I take the next couple of days post-practicum to completely wrap up with final reports and the likes, I wanted to take some time to reflect on all that I have learned since this journey first began.

Before starting this practicum I had an idea of what I would expect, as I would learn to acclimate myself to another culture and way of life, while expecting to face some differences. My program, the Masters of Management of Applied Science (MMASc) in Global Health Systems, did a great job during my first 2 terms in preparing me for globally contextual situations I may find myself in and building my business skills. Though, one thing we did not anticipate was how that would look working remotely online in the midst of a pandemic. This past year, I also spent my fall reading week as a Staff Team Leader for the Impact Experience at Western University. I spent the week collaborating with different partners in London, guiding undergraduate students, and learning about food insecurity. All of these skills proved advantageous during this summer as myself and my peers presented to undergraduate students in Tanzania, collaborated with Mikono Yetu and SAUT kitchen, as well as their partners at the Fiti Co-op, and learned more about probiotics every day.

Myself, the undergraduates assigned to our food insecurity program, and my undergraduate team leader at one of our learning experiences at Innovation Works over the 2019 fall reading week.

I also became quite knowledgeable at completing various business-related tasks, such as a business plan, marketing strategy, marketing plan, training booklet, start-up package, and more; all while learning to adjust to the pace of things in Tanzania. I was able to expend the knowledge from my Masters program and become confident in my skills within a professional space. As I come to an end at Western University, finishing both my practicum and final degree requirements, I look forward to job hunting. I feel confident than ever in this search and cannot wait to apply all that I have learned along the way.

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