About My Internship

About Me

My name is Gurleen Saini. I graduated from Ontario Tech University in April 2019 with my Bachelors of Health Science (BHSc). I am currently pursuing my Masters of Management of Applied Science (MMASc) in Global Health Systems in Africa (GHS-A) at Western University, expecting completion in August 2020. My Masters program is associated with the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Internship Placement and Partners

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, my team and I are unable to be in Mwanza, Tanzania working on our projects in person. However, I am currently working remotely with both Mikono Yetu, a women’s empowerment organization, and Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), to empower women and girls economically by establishing sustainable growth and the scaling of the Fiti probiotic yoghurt social enterprises within Tanzania.



Internship Goals

  • Designing an electronic system utilizing cell phones that will assist Mikono Yetu to track and gather data about each social enterprise and Fiti production and sales.
  • Draft a Fiti Marketing Strategy report.
  • Develop in collaboration with Mikono Yetu staff; a plan for kitchen mapping, including data collection methods and tools, data analysis strategy and plan for dissemination of data back to Mikono Yetu. Coordinate with Mikono Yetu staff liaison to visit all community kitchens in Mwanza region to map and document existing kitchen locations and their production and sales data via GPS technology.
  • Develop social media plan and training materials for effective use of social media, including ‘how to’ instructions as capacity building for Mikono Yetu staff.
  • Collaborate with kitchen leaders and SAUT Tourism and Hospitality Student Association on strategies to increase income so that the SAUT Fiti kitchen is self-sustaining.
  • Develop marketing plan and materials with timelines for a promotional campaign(s) in the SAUT Fiti kitchen.
  • Proposed budget and quarterly growth projection targets, book-keeping tools, production records and sales reporting for the SAUT Fiti kitchen, to be approved by SAUT supervisor.
  • Troubleshoot with SAUT Fiti kitchen staff on the implementation of the business reporting tools above.