My journey as a remote WHE intern during COVID-19

And it’s a Wrap!

I have officially wrapped up my international (remote) summer practicum. While I take the next couple of days post-practicum to completely wrap up with final reports and the likes, I wanted to take some time to reflect on all that I have learned since this journey first began. Before starting this practicum I had an …

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Welcome to my blog! To start off, I just wanted to introduce myself to all the readers following my journey as an intern for Western Heads East. I graduated last year from Ontario Tech University with my BHSc, after which I was a little unsure about my future. As my friends and I gathered to …

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Thoughts from Home – The Experience of being a Remote Intern

As you can guess, working from home is a bit of stretch sometimes as you try to create a schedule that works uniquely for you during this momentous time of routine. While having an aesthetically pleasing work environment at home can motivate you and make all the difference, there are still hurdles one will inevitably …

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